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Transforming Consciousness Series

Opening Space and Time: Establishing a Daily Practice:

The second edition of the first in a series of six journals designed to help you discover a daily spiritual practice that is in harmony with your own natural rhythms. By doing the exercises and keeping a record, train your mind to observe itself, discover that space and time are more flexible than you assumed, and savor the gift to yourself of committed spiritual practice.

The journals are designed to use individually or in groups, to be a pleasure to write in, and to save in your personal archives. Use them in a series or work just with the Practice Book and theme that are most interesting to you.

Second Edition Book Information:
ISBN-13: 978-1-934479-02-5
5.5 x 8.5, Saddle Stitched, 52 pages
$14.95 (plus $3.00 shipping and handling)
Order Practice Book One here

Second Edition replaces First Edition:
First Edition Titled: Book 1 - Opening Space and Time
ISBN 13: 978-0-9760036-9-4
5 x 7, Saddle Stitched, 48 pages
$10.99 (plus $3.00 shipping and handling)
First Edition still available - Order First Edition here

Publisher: Nutshell Publications, Houston, TX

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