Nutshell Publications

Nutshell Publications

Large topics in brief, Small topics in depth.

Deep topics in small packages - easily accessible
Opening innate capacity for wisdom and compassion
Offering in-depth support for a richly rewarding and happy life

About Nutshell Publications

Nutshell Publications are created by small teams of people gathered for each project. Our goal is to offer valuable and significant content in small and beautiful packages.

We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Authors are sponsored by Nutshell and invited to contribute. We particularly look for writers that can get directly to the heart of themes considered especially valuable in enriching spiritual life and improving the quality of life for all people.

Graphic Design:
Designers are asked to be part of the team. Initiative in creating supporting and related products is encouraged. Inquiries by designers are welcomed. We will keep your CV and work samples on hand for future projects, then select appropriate designers to request bids. More detail will be posted here at a later time.

Editors participate in all levels of the process, assuring quality of content, mechanics, and design. Inquires with recommendations are welcomed.

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