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Guided Instructional Meditations from Mary's meditation courses and CDs.The CDs also includes explanations, discussion, teacher access, and practice pages. Meditations are offered as if you are new to meditation. Extend your sitting time after listening to the guided practice. Listen to the recording only as many times as necessary to do a practice on your own. You can revisit the guided meditations periodically to see what you might have missed.

Going Beyond - First Steps (guided meditations from Going Beyond series - See also ADD Atlernatives)

Making Contact with Body and Breath - A guided meditation with instructions that bring you into intimacy with your own body and into direct contact with immediate experience - an essential skill in being present and awake to any and all moments of life. Body Scan
  • 112P ($5.00) - Similar to MBSR body scan, but shorter. Twenty five minutes. Buy Now or Add to Cart
Establishing Concentration
This third guided practice is an important step in your process - a meditation that is central in training the mind and a basis for what follows.
Stabilizing Attention and Finding Balance
The previous meditations develop both focus and flexibiltiy of mind. Stablilizing Attention and Finding Balance are the means of using attention skillfully, something we have seldom otherwise been taught.