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Digital Formats

  • Audio Files - Guided Instructional Meditations from Mary's meditation courses and CDs.

  • Listen to the recording repeatedly - until you can do it on your own. Extend your sitting time after listening to the guided practice. (If you have a dial up account or otherwise slow download time, we recommend buying the CD rather than downloading individual files.)

    Some titles are offered in varied levels of difficulty: 20 minute, fully guided meditations for those new to mediation (middle digit is 0): 30 minute recordings, with less verbal guidance and more silence for those with some experience but seeking enrichment an deepening of practice (middle digit 1); 45 minute recordings with only small reminders of practice possibilities intended for those who are very comfortable with silence and can be challenged by some comments during their sitting time (middle digit 2)

    Going Beyond series: See page for more information and available titles.

  • E-books and E-docs - Various formats, including online courses, courses delivered via email, articles.

  • Online Courses, email and html