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Practice Books

Practice Books are personal guides to help develop your own consciousness, integrating mindfulness and awareness into daily life, in your functional existence. They are also a record book of your journey you will want to refer to in later months or years. As your skill and wisdom unfold, you may also wish to work with them again from a more enlightened perspective, gleaning continually greater appreciation for the joy of a committed spiritual practice.

Practices are presented in discrete and manageable steps. Though booklets are set up for seven days, these seven days need not be back to back, or confined to one week completion. Move at your own pace. Watch your mind lighten and brighten. Live fully and enjoy the precious life you have.
  • Excellent support for both new and experienced practitioners
  • Introduction and deepening of meditation practices in small increments
  • Non-sectarian instructions
  • Compatible with any spiritual tradition
  • Supplemental guided meditations in audio format are available but not required
  • Valuable and beautiful record and memory books
  • A pleasure to use and joy to give as gifts for companions on the way

With these practices we become intimate with our own immediate experience and come to see that things are not as substantial as they seem. We expand consciousness and the way we use mind, embracing happiness and contentment, making every day of life interesting and deeply satisfying.


Transforming Consciousness Series

This series can be used in several ways:
  • as an independent study
  • as a way to integrate your meditation practices into all life experience
  • a companion to Insight and Mindfulness courses (use before, during, or after the class)
  • as a refresher course long after an early experience with the practice
  • as companion to the book Being Prayer
  • as companion in individual work with a teacher, therapist, sponsor, or spiritual director

Click here for more information about Practice Books One through Six, and Study Guide One.

Publisher: Nutshell Publications, Houston, TX

*Additional Series will be listed as they become available.

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